Blood On The Ceiling

The Awesome Calamities of Addiction
and the Miracle of Recovery


Nelson Trout
(Second Edition)

is a riveting, no-punches-held, inside look at Nelson Trout’s excursion into the dark, lonely, and scary world of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. “Blood On The Ceiling” is a once-in-a-lifetime book which explores, in brutal detail, the kind of hellish existence that often accompanies life in the fast lane of drugs, partying and the eventual isolation that comes with this terrible addiction.

Some stories seem so unreal as to be hallucinatory, but every word is true. Meet unforgettable characters, many who have cheated death on an almost daily basis, only to run back to the needle, pills, and booze. But the best part of Trout’s work are the stories of recovery and success.

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“…Keeps coming at you with non-stop reality.” - DR. BILL GALLAGHER, DC, RUN DRUGS OUT OF TOWN.ORG

"...after the first few pages, I was hooked." - MICHELLE ANDREWS, AUTHOR OF CHILD OF COMPROMISE

"Incredibly hard to put down, impossible to forget..." TERESA M., MOTHER OF AN ADDICTED DAUGHTER



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Nelson Trout is a singer/songwriter having written over 300 songs and released four full length CD's. One of his compositions is a state theme song (New Jersey USA).

Nelson lived in South Florida for a year while writing "Blood On the Ceiling." He now resides in the Buckshutem Game Preserve in Southern New Jersey with his dog, Bree, and is working on his new novel "Raven April."


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“As non-drug users and only occasional drinkers, this book was a no-nonsense and gruesomely interesting eye-opener. Wow! We’ll never look at alcoholics or drug addicts in the same way again. We felt well educated about something we thought we already knew about. We were wrong.”- SHEILA AND RICK WHITE (HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS)


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